We would like to say a big thank you to: Ciaran Martin for helping with this website and Becky Rhodes aka Movie Mum for making our crowd funding video. Big thanks to Hallie-Ann Baker Tofts for her sterling work with the Black Tie event.

We greatly appreciate the support from local publications – Douglas Patient at Wanstead and Woodford Guardian, Lee Marquis at Wanstead Village Directory and Giles Wilson at Wansteadium.

We would also like to thank all our friends and local residents who pledged in our first Spacehive crowd fund:

Eileen Elton, Rupert Verdi, Natasha Johnson, Louise Meenaghan, Daniele Calabrese, Mark Kirby, Jo Blackman, Danielle & Matthew Palmer, Peter Brimson, Iain Grosvenor, Lucy Standen, Claire Misata, Gemma Capocci, Alison Belille, Yasmin Al-Naama, Steve & Barbara Boddy, Muriael Keogh, Jamie and Laura Smith, Frankie Later, Becky Rhodes, Peter Kudirka, Julia Gillert, Annabel Durling, Victoria Richards, Sarah Camlett, Nicola Hamouche, Kim Smith, Tara Hoffman, Michelle Cook, Jonathan Blakesley, Helen Quinlan, Avril Rodriguez-Dizon, Beatriz Soden, Ros Toller, Mary Rushworth, Elaine Logan, Natalie Buckley, Lisa Stanley, Rita Fung, Victoria Adcock, Ellen Pugh, Ana Keogh, Kathryn McKenna, Mel Munday-Chanin, Julia McFall, Mei Moore, Ben Howard, Mary Smith, Ockert Pool, Barry Murphy, Gill Waterhouse, Clare Beamish, Alison Evison, Sue Carter, Derek Boud, Mary Shaw, Emma Staples, Carole Henley, Ashwin Reddy, Shayma Izzidien, Veronica Over, Darren & Mark, Andrew Ross, Clive Harris, Zehra Zahir, Andrew Clarke, Uzaira Farooq, Jessica Grainger, Lorraine McBride, Laura Woodhouse, Faisal Iftikhar, Rakesh Patel, Andrea Lowe, Claire Hogg, Alexia Bird, Lisa Skepper, Valerie Romanovskaya, Claire Xu, Liza Hebden, Gabriella Nemeth, Leah Stitson, Lucy Thomas, Anastasia Gontsarova, Rosalind Seagren, Philippa Salvoni, Liana Russo, Laura Nicholls-Petrie, Flossie & Nancy Garfield, Tina De Baere, Mark Hadayah, Laura Hill, Jude Clements, Leyla Rudolf, Phil Croft, Chris Moore, Natasha Halliday, Paul Pratt, Jal & Rukshar Mehta, Alison Boyes, Louise Delaney, Anne Toogood, Charelle Wigley, Annie Zanetti, Kirsty Watley, Shona Kundu, Kate West, Katy Clough, Jen Ambler, Ronal Ryan, Rosie Schaedel, Taz Miah, Andrew and Frances Smail, Kate West, Ursula Furtenbach-Wilson, Angela Smith-Hughes, Kerry Sykes, David Edwards, Katie Lewis, Lyudmila Romanovskaya, Owain Griffiths, Christine Thompson, Richard Bon, Louise & Adam Rivers, Jo Harbour, Nerys Evans, Dominic Sikking, Chetana Puaar, Louise Russell, Katherine Grainger, Rob Fearn, Ciara Martin, Vic Grimshaw, Sarah Davis, Julie & Soli Mehta, Emma Kobayashi, Osmana Raie, Mashooq Badar, Michelle Isme, Fred Tarr, Liz McAulay, Stephen Hill, Nick Affleck, Jim Killeen, Janice Wells, Hannah Wright, Kate Eggleshaw, Rebecca Bowden, Christina Metcalfe, Agnieszka Jezierska, Kerrie McFarlane-Green, Bridget Kerr, Niraj Dattani, Katy Meaden, Lucy Serpell, Jennifer Walker, Toby Bennett, Johan Van de Merwe

And our second Spacehive crowd fund:

Caroline & Andrew Wright, Deep Johal, Jillian Steggle, Louise Meenaghan, Nicola Jarratt, Sheila Davidson, Tim Downes, Ann Ling, Aaron Faith, Alexandra Golshahi, Ana Keogh,  Ann & David Corne, Bede Christison, Carrie Arawwawala, Charlotte Jones, Claire Kinselley, Craig & Emma Winwick, Diana Critchlow, Jo Woodley, Keith Remedios, Laura Renshaw, Louise Davies, Louise Milner-Moore, Lyndsey Jones, Nikki Montague and Mark Townsend, Preet Sehmi, Sarah Hayward, Simone Clark, William Meenaghan, Janice and Richard Newcombe, Catheryne ‘Littlejohns’ Hill, David Dennis, Denise Brien, Mich Sampson, Niamh Neville, Paolo Bettazzi, Richard Pryce, Andrew Jellis, Danielle Green, David Stringer, Kate Lothian, Lisa Edwards, Lorraine Matsell, Lynne Hill, Mike Wildig, Ros Toller, Silja Sepping, Steve Wilks, Anita Luby, Carly Eley, Christina Firth, Christine Thompson, Eileen Rose, Sarah Boud, Emma Kobayashi, Emma Refausse, Fiona Tweedie, Gabriella Nemeth, Jane Webb, Jeet Mistry, Jennifer Doyle, Jo Stanger, Julie Richardson, Linda Johansson, Lizzie Crump, Mary Smith, Mary Tuffin, Naomi Rahman-Gee, Natasha Bourke, Nikki Christie, Rachel Evans, Rasangika (Rassi) Pelpola-Aladekomo, Roz Kara, Sumit Rahman, Suzi Harnett, Jal & Rukshar Mehta, Kate Davies, Kate Perry, Fiona Hargreaves, Amanda Campbell, Christine Davies, Ciro Melotta, Jean Coffey, Jenny Ryan, Leslie Paul, Lucy Knowles, Rosie Curtis, Stephanie Clough, Wendy Muir Bolton, Marisa Penn, Michelle Isme

and our other donors outside the crowd fund
Nicola Jarratt, Sarah Camlett, Kerry Oliver, Bukola Larinde, Claire Xu

We would like to thank the following trusts for awarding us a grant:

  • Aviva Community Fund who kindly funded the police car springer
  • The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation
  • Ford Britain Trust
  • The Goldsmiths’ Company Charity
  • Grange Farm Centre Trust
  • The Hedley Foundation
  • John Laing Group (employee matching)
  • The Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund
  • London Borough of Redbridge
  • The Lynn Foundation
  • The Mayor of London’s High Street Fund/ Greater London Authority
  • The Morrisons Foundation who kindly funded the accessible roundabout
  • The Nineveh Charitable Trust
  •  The_Rank_Foundation_logo_rgb
  • RBC Capital Markets (employee matching)
  • Redbridge Small Grants / London Community Foundation who kindly funded picnic tables
  • Sheffield Mutual Community Fund
  • Thomson Reuters (employee matching)

Corporate Sponsors

We are incredibly thankful for the support received from local businesses and organisations, including Belgique who made this amazing Easter Egg:


Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

Other Fundraising Events

We would like to thank the following individuals for hosting events on our behalf :

  • Luke Standen for doing the Wanstead Park run
  • Julia Saul-Watts and Beatriz Soden for hosing Santa’s Grotto 2015